2015 records requiring descriptions - UPDATED

Please see below a spreadsheet listing all the records for 2015 where no description has been submitted. The records highlighted yellow are ones where a photo or sound recording has been located on the web and if accepted these records will appear in the Bird Report as "per DBC, photo" but we would obviously prefer the finders name to appear next to the record instead of this. Please accept my apologies if you have already submitted something but if you have would you be so kind as to resend it.

To download copies of the Rarity Forms please visit http://www.dorsetbirds.org.uk/dorset-bird-list/

If you photographed any of the other birds listed in the spreadsheet please could you forward copies to recorderATdorsetbirds.org.uk 

The two records highlighted blue are BBRC species and as yet they have not received anything.

Any help will be greatly appreciated and I will produce a similar spreadsheet for any outstanding 2016 record shortly.