Sightings - Monday 9th May 2016

Garganey - singles at Abbotsbury and Radipole.
Black-throated Diver - 1 past Portland Bill.
Red-necked Grebe - 1 off Chesil Cove.
Whimbrel - 8 past St Aldhelm's Head.
Grey Plover - 81 past St Aldhelm's Head.
Knot - 14 past St Aldhelm's Head.
Bar-tailed Godwit - 97 past St Aldhelm's Head.
Sanderling - 44 past St Aldhelm's Head.
Pomarine Skua - 9 past Portland Bill (7 of these also seen off St Aldhelm's Head).
Black Tern - 10 past Chesil Cove.

We are very grateful to all our contributors of bird sightings across Dorset but please note that sightings of rare breeding birds in suitable habitat will not appear here. This includes species such as Red Kite, Honey Buzzard, Nightjar etc - a full list of species and further guidelines will appear in due course. What are considered to be obvious migrants will continue to appear on the blog.