Hen Harrier Day 2017

Without doubt Hen Harrier Day South was the biggest and best yet - of any of the events held nationally.

Provisional numbers suggest that at least 1,100 people engaged with the event over the day and conservative estimates are that the number listening to Chris Packham and Chris Corrigan were in excess of 500 and perhaps nearer 700.

There were a lot of new faces and it was most certainly not a case of preaching to the converted. Huge thanks must go to Gill Lewis and the two Chris' who gave such rousing talks as well as the representatives from the Dorset Police rural crime team.

However, the biggest thanks must go to the RSPB's Luke Phillips who organised and coordinated the day (along with many others I'm sure, including Jon Thurnell-Read, Ashley Watts and the BAWC team) - I don't think it could have gone any better than it did.

From a Dorset Bird Club perspective I would like to thank and welcome our new members who signed up on the day and hope to see some of you on one of our guided walks in the near future (dates to be announced shortly).

Hen Harrier Day south © Marcus Lawson

Hen Harrier Day south © Marcus Lawson

Hen Harrier Day south © Terry Bagley