Bittern at Lodmoor

This news is posted post this on behalf of Dorset RSPB.

‘There is a booming bittern at Lodmoor! He has been going strong for 3 days now and was in fine voice pre-dawn this morning. There have been a handful of local birders and some staff and vols turning up dusk and dawn to witness this first hand, although they were unlucky not to hear him last evening. Peak booming seems to be from about 4.45 until 6am so if anyone wants to experience this amazing sound then it will call for an early rise. I was there until 6.30 this morning when he was tailing off booming slowed to every 12-15 minutes or so rather than every 2 or 3 minutes earlier on. If we are lucky enough to keep him and he is lucky enough to attract a mate then these times might change according to the changing day length. We have had several very short booms from birds in the past at this time of year presumably from birds departing for the Somerset Levels bittern factory but this just may be the year when one stays, fingers tightly crossed. Contact the RSPB Weymouth Wetlands Discovery Centre at Radipole for further information on 01305 778313. Toby Branston’